Terms & Conditions

You have read and followed the photo instructions for the design you have chosen.

Lord Of The Pets is not responsible for the hanging of your portrait. The sturdy quality of our canvas prints means, depending on your chosen size, they can be heavy and require secure hooks drilled into the wall. Adhesive hooks may not be strong enough to hold your portrait.

Any image sent to us to be used in the making of a customised print may differ in quality, colour or lighting to the chosen design. You acknowledge that the artist has license to adjust the image to suit the design and ensure consistent quality. This may come in the form of minor colour correction or retouching of certain elements. This also applies to placement, resizing and cropping of the figure into the design. For example, some of our portraits are designed so that the figure must be facing a particular direction. If you’ve chosen this portrait and provide us with an image where the figure is facing the opposite direction, we will flip the design so match the position of your pet. We do this so your pet’s distinctive features remain on their correct side.

You acknowledge that, aside from adjusting your photo to suit the chosen design, you are happy with your uploaded image. Lord Of The Pets does not offer bespoke tailored retouching.

• We allow 2 weeks from the time of your purchase until delivery to your door.

The designs created by Lord Of The Pets are copyrighted and may not be copied, reproduced or sold without the permission of Lord Of The Pets. Though sharing your finished portrait on social media is encouraged!